It is time to do it, and you know it.

For years now, you’ve been thinking about writing a book. You’ve even sketched out a few notes. But, that’s as far as you’ve gotten. Time has passed and you’ve allowed it to sit inside of you like a hammer in an old rusty toolbox. And, like the hammer, it’s ready to be put to use. 








So, what’s the real issue?

Is it the fear of rejection? Or, have you simply run out of ideas? Do you question your writing ability? Or, is it that you don’t know how to start?







Look, we’ve all started with a hammer and rusty nails.

 We have stared at blank pages, feared rejection, and worried about our writing skills. But, with a little guidance, we picked up the hammer and nails, and built a few bestsellers. And, so can you. Now, we can’t guarantee you a bestseller, but we will help you write, publish and market a really good book. 








Hey, release the author inside. Here’s how to get started.



1. Start by downloading the free ebook, 6 Big Marketing Mistakes New Authors Make. As you progress, you will learn that how you prepare will determine how your book will perform in the marketplace. This short, but powerful, read will illustrate what you must do BEFORE you publish your book to ensure success.

2. Next, read a few blog posts. Here, you’ll find articles, audio and videos on writing, publishing and marketing your first book. All of our posts are easy to understand. We take out the fluff and fill each post with goodies. And, you won’t ever have to worry about us using five-dollar words. No, we, like you, want it simple and to the point. 

3. Then, if you’re ready to learn more, join our membership program. As a member, you will be given access to exclusive areas of our site that’s not available to the general public. There you will find video and audio tutorials, free ebooks, worksheets, and workbooks. Hey, it’s only $10 per month, a fraction of what you would pay for individual coaching. Learn more by clicking here or the membership tab above.

4. For those people who are really serious about writing, publishing and marketing their book, we offer our limited access coaching program. Because this program includes live discussions with best selling authors and unlimited email access, we only have 10 spots available. As such, the program is typically booked solid. Please visit the coaching page to learn more about this exclusive program.

Download your free copy of 6 Big Marketing Mistakes New Authors Make here. In this report, you will learn:


  • Why you must never sell books and what you must do instead
  • The surest way to build a loyal fan base
  • How to stand out as an author in an increasingly crowded marketplace
  • How to infuse your personality into your marketing and automatically attract the right book fans
  • And, much, much, more.