I suppose it’s true. No matter how crowded or noisy a place is, you seem to hear your name when called. Well, I experienced this phenomenon first hand.

I was walking in downtown Davidson, North Carolina, when I heard my name bouncing off of an old brick wall. I looked ahead and then behind me to learn the origin. 

“Over here,” a voice commanded. 

I looked to my left just as my friend ran frantically across the street. 

“Hey man, you need to see this,” he said excitedly.

“Oh, cool. Your author business card. It looks nice,” I complimented.

“Yeah,” he began. “I decided to brand myself as an author. That’s why I have these cards.”

“Okay,” I said. “But, what about your writing? When are you going to release your first book?”

There was silence.

You see, you can’t build a brand on the back of no product or a bad product.
It’s like taking an old rusty tool case and painting over it. Yep, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

As an author, your number one branding responsibility is to produce a great product first. Until you do that, nothing else matters.

So, what’s a great product?

It is a book that is written with your audience in mind.
It is a book that solves a problem for them.
It is a book that matches your brand personality.
It is a book that has a killer title and an awesome cover.
It is a book that people will buy.

Yeah, get your book right first. Then worry about your branding.